Keil Art Bronze

A little old man stopped me as I was leaving the gallery one day. He’s had a shop in Borgo Ognissanti round the corner for the last 50 years, and he tells me how on his way home he loves to stop and gaze at what he describes as ‘il Suo bellissimo teatrino..’ (your beautiful little theatre..). Well, he gets a kiss..

One of the reasons it all looks a bit theatrical is the presence of our four-metre-wide nine-monitor videowall at the back of one of the rooms, which allows our Ballets Russes sculptures to dance in front of their original set designs from the early years of the 20th century.

There are bigger plans for the video wall though, and in fact Keil Art Bronze has recently made a 5-minute film ‘The Keil Waxes’ with local film-maker David Battistella to show on it. This was premiered during the opening night party on November 12th 2016. You can see it in full on Vimeo here.

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