Keil Art Bronze

When she was younger Keil used to ride stallions bareback across the desert in places like Arizona and Israel, and even as a little girl she loved horses.. Visitors to the Florence gallery can see her first ever bronze on the computer desk – a charming little horse about 12 cm across that she cast herself when she was nine years old. In addition there are currently three bronze horse sculptures in the gallery – the Arizona stallions (known as Air Horse, Fire Horse, and Double Horse) – together with three recent waxes (Caramba, Mustang, and Thelwell) more in the style of the great cartoonist whose books Sam devoured as a child. A cousin of the Arizona stallions – Nazgûl – can be found in the Cavendish Laboratory (the world-renowned physics department of Cambridge University, England). Photos of some of these works – and some older lost pieces – can be seen here.

TWD_2894.jpg TWD_2918.jpg TWD_2848.jpg horse1-4.jpg TWD_2884.jpg TWD_2942.jpg TWD_2933.jpg TWD_2989.jpg TWD_2950.jpg 2015-06-16_14-46-00.jpg wax7.jpg auctionhorse.jpg 17A9561.jpg
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