Keil Art Bronze

Here are some snapshots of the Keil Art Bronze new gallery in via dei Fossi in central Florence – open since June 2016.

Of course most people who visit Florence are there to see the rich history and art of the Renaissance, in effect to experience what was going many hundreds of years ago, and the contemporary art scene is inevitably somewhat less visible. In fact there is a great deal going on involving a great many inspired and creative people who – like Sam – are still alive, and she feels that, whilst retaining the greatest respect, we mustn’t be intimidated by the great masters of the past. We hope therefore that the new gallery is a great space that people can enjoy, despite the lack of any works by Michelangelo, and as the gallery develops over its first year we want to move towards holding relevant contemporary art events, as well as displaying Sam’s sculpture, photography, films, and installations.

Visitors to the city are, of course, welcome to drop in. The gallery is usually open from 10:30 am to 18:30 Monday to Friday, and occasionally at weekends, though it can close completely at random if the staff are doing something. If you want to make sure the gallery is open for your visit, or if you want to talk to Ms. Keil personally, please email or call before your visit to make an appointment.

firenze.jpg TWD_3178.jpg 17A9997.jpg 17A9595.jpg 17A0142.jpg 17A9519.jpg 17A9468.jpg 17A9474.jpg 17A9514.jpg 17A9556.jpg 17A9990.jpg 17A9589.jpg 17A9987.jpg 17A9935.jpg 17A9740.jpg 17A9724.jpg 17A9712.jpg 17A9648.jpg 17A9620.jpg 17A9611.jpg 17A9561.jpg 17A9558.jpg 17A9554.jpg 17A9550.jpg 17A9498.jpg 17A9490.jpg 17A9485.jpg 17A0099.jpg 17A0065.jpg 17A9583.jpg 17A0042.jpg 17A0017.jpg pontevecchio.jpg
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