Keil Art Bronze

For Sam Keil, eagles are all about angles and planes and spirals and structure, symmetry and asymmetry, a sort of feathery Rubik’s cube of twists and turns that bring life to the bronze. One of her most spectacular eagles – who can currently be seen endlessly rotating on his 200kg heavy-duty turntable in the gallery – even incorporates deliberate echoes of the DNA double helix. One of the reasons he’s called ‘Life Force‘.

A copy of that eagle is on permanent display in the Sainsbury Room of Prince Philip House – the home of the Royal Academy of Engineering in Carlton House Terrace, London. If you scroll  to the bottom of the slideshow on the right, you can see Prince Philip himself – the husband of the queen of England, no less – meeting Keil whilst admiring the sculpture.

A third bronze eagle – Talon – is currently flying in formation with Life Force on his turntable in the gallery window. A younger wax cousin – Eaglet, spray painted in red, white, and blue – is on display nearby.

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