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Buy bronze sculpture


Many of the sculptures in the gallery can be purchased directly. Some of them are not for sale however, either because they have been loaned to us by their owners, or because the artist wishes to retain them for her stock. Original Keils can be expensive; it is generally less costly to commission a copy (see list of services for details). If prices of originals are not listed in our shop pages, they may be obtained on application.


Copy bronze sculpture


Very precise copies of original bronze sculptures can be made by a skilled foundry. The process involves making a rubber mould of the existing bronze, which is then used to produce a copy in hard wax. Generally, the artist will need to rework this wax to remove any imperfections introduced by the process; additional complications can be introduced if the sculpture has large internal spaces, as is often the case with Keil bronzes. The finished wax can then be used to recreate the original bronze via the lost-wax process.

An artificial patina is then applied to bronze using chemical solutions which react with the surface to form a thin layer of coloured corrosion products along with judicious use of a blowtorch (you can watch a demonstration here). The client is welcome to provide input at this point, as a wide variety of different colours and patination effects are available; please ask.

It is also possible (at considerable extra cost) to produce an enlarged copy of the original sculpture.

Identification marks on Keil sculptures suffer from an unfortunate lack of consistency over decades, caused by the differing traditions of the many foundries she has used. Original bronzes do not generally have a foundry mark, though many are signed 'Keil' or 'S. Keil'. A very few are dated. All subsequent copies of the original should be stamped with an edition number (e.g. copy no 3 of a maximum edition of 9 will be marked 3/9). The original should have no such mark, though there are a couple of cases (e.g. Ghost, Razor..) where the original is - almost certainly incorrectly - inscribed with '1/9'). Where possible, full details of identifying marks are noted in the formal description in the shop pages.


Commission bronze sculpture


Ms. Keil is happy to discuss ideas for public or private commissions, with the understanding that she does not work from life, rather from impression, mood, sensation.. A full service including manufacture, transport and installation can be provided. Please use the contact form or call to set up an initial meeting.


Buy Wall Art


Keil Art Bronze manufactures giant wall panels showing high-definition close ups of Keil sculpture, both of completed bronzes and of original wax models (the latter coloured and finished with a detailed and delicate spray paint technique). The detail is so fine that one can see fingerprints in the wax, little dust particles and hairs, and tiny droplets of paint.

The manufacturing process involves a super high definition camera (so expensive we need to rent it), carefully arranged lighting, and a highly skilled photographer. The images are then printed on Forex (a closed-cell rigid plastic sheet material with a particularly fine and homogeneous cell structure and silky matt surface). We offer the panels in 3mm thickness and the more rigid but more expensive 5mm, and there are three standard sizes for the short dimension up to 1.93m.

Clients can choose from all available images by browsing on the Samsung tablet in the gallery, or by looking at the relevant entry in the online shop.


Buy 3d prints


With modern 3d printing techniques you can synthesize a three-dimensional object by adding successive layers of material under computer control. Objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and are produced from a 3D digital data model. At Keil Art Bronze we use an Artec Eva 3D scanner to create the digital model; these can then be 3D-printed using our Lulzbot Taz 6 printer. The maximum height of the object (constrained by the printer dimension) is around 11.5 inches or 30cm tall.

Clients can order a 3D print of any sculpture in the gallery (necessarily reduced in size) at a reasonable price.

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